Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another Year of Sewing (Mostly) All My Clothes

Much as I like a lot of what I see in clothing stores, I actually like sewing my clothes better than buying most RTW. I think I even enjoy sewing them more than wearing them.  I like feeling the fabric, shaping flat fabric into something three dimensional, seeing colors next to each other, imagining what the finished project will look like. There's something about the period of anticipation when sewing that is more satisfying than just handing a piece of plastic to a clerk when shopping. I do like the store experience as far as getting ideas, feeling fabric and seeing how it drapes, and seeing how a style looks on my body.
But I like creating my own clothing so much that I think I'll sew the majority of my clothes from now on. I also have a lot of fabric that I want to sew up. And then Sarah of Goodbye Valentino put out a post challenging others to join her in another year of RTW fasting, so that solidified my desire. I will sew my clothes for another year. Except socks and shoes. And some sweaters. I sew at least half of my wardrobe from knits, and have even made some sweatery-looking tops. But I love lightweight sweaters with ribbing at the bottom, the cuffs, and the neckline. And I haven't seen something like that sewn in a way I like. I knit sweaters but will never knit a lightweight sweater. Too. Much. Work. 

Courtesy laughingsquid

So, that's my compromise. OK, so a compromise means a tradeoff...I'll sew my jeans and underwear instead.


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